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Teaching Material​
Lessons should focus on the core skills of listening and speaking, which are at the very

heart of learning any language. For that, teachers must be able to have patience and

SPEAK SLOWLY to explain things to people who can’t speak the target language, with

great communication and presentation skills.

The crux of learning a language from a native speaker is being about to hear a person 

speak the language with its unique cadence and rhythms. Crisalus supports several

venues that can accelerate a person's learning through live conversation, with complex

grammar and syntax rules taking a secondary position on the learning curve. It's also a

great way to build confidence when learning a foreign language

Teachers are expected to set realistic targets and support student 
learning with structured

lesson plans to help students stay motivated and achieve their goals. They must be willing 

to commit to a an agreed-upon term of instruction, be computer literate, and most

importantly, be enthusiastic and professional. 

Making and Nurturing

global Connections through technology




Language Teachers

Individual teachers can either provide instruction through a virtual classroom

or they can sign up to be a Crisalus Teacher onsite or online.  Either way, 

language Instructors focus on practical grammar and vocabulary they use

in real-life situations in their country of origin. Only those teachers who meet

our standards are accepted, ensuring high instruction quality for our learners. 

Individual teachers meeting with students onsite or via Skype must create a

profile on our sister sites, determine their hourly rate and schedule their

availability to teach.  Teachers purchasing a subscription to host a virtual

classroom will also create a profile wherein they will cite their fees and courses.

These instructors are responsible for their own content and coursework design,

learning management, and scheduling.

All teachers have the ability to build an online teaching reputation after 

demonstrating a history of quality, reliability, and high student satisfaction.

They can then use this reputation to find new students and future employers.

A formal teaching certificate is preferable and will increase chances of admission

to the Crisalus family, but is not necessarily required. What is most important is

that teachers be able to communicate with students in a manner that leads toward

acquiring fluency, and for that teaching experience is strongly recommended.

Crisalus teachers select their schedule of availability and can teach in any capacity: 
full-time, part-time, or just occasionally. 

Virtual Classroom

Technical Requirements


Technical Requirements

For teaching via Skype, you will need a device supporting bandwidth. The table below provides

the minimum download and upload speeds required, as well as the recommended speeds for

best performance:

Virtual teaching on the iPortal require that teachers have the following basic technical capacities: 
     * a desktop or laptop computer with an Intel Core2 Duo processor or better or a tablet.
     * a web browser (preferably Chrome) 
     * Internet speed of a minimum 800 Kbps download and 500 Kbps upload wired internet

       connection: Cable, DSL, or Fiber Optics. Wireless connections are not advisable.

     * a  webcam, either built-in or an external high quality product such as Logitech.

     * for one-on-one instruction, a head set with microphone is recommended. For group

       instruction, a microphone able to capture sounds from a large area is required.

                                Download technical requirements for virtual classrooms.  


To become a Crisalus instructor, 


Are you an industry expert wanting to share your expertise?

Do you know some tricks of the trade you know will help others

in their daily work tasks? Are you a teacher with a passion for

education? These are our typical online learning instructors

with their own virtual classroom at Crisalus. We make it easy

to teach online! Crisalus offers a customizable online learning

experience including payment solutions to accept credit cards,

handle student registrations, and all aspects of course delivery.

We'll set you up in a quick intake process with everything you

need to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses.

Contact us today for a free demo.