Empowering people

world-wide to become

fluent in a foreign

language with native-

speaking teachers.



​​​​Crisalus teachers control the curriculum and create their material, where they can customize each class based on the needs and interests of students.

This facilitates learning to meet individual needs.

Onsite and Online Instructors

Teachers using Skype to deliver lessons and those teaching onsite charge hourly fees, with rates based on the popularity of the language and what the

market will bear.  Crisalus charges a 15% fee on transactions between teachers and students. 

Virtual Classroom Teachers

Teachers hosting their virtual classroom at Crisalus pay a monthly subscription fee, set their own fees for their courses, and can have up to 100 students 
on their virtual classroom roster. More details about the virtual classroom option can be found at our 
iPortal page. If students are charged for their

lessons, Crisalus processes payment and the commission is reduced to 5%.  In order to avoid paying commission, instructors can create a PayPal account

and receive payments directly.

Payment Processing 

We utilize the "wallet" system to process transactions - one for the teacher and one for the student.

This has proven effective for the purchase of lessons and payment to teachers. When a student

requests a session with an onsite instructor or a teacher using Skype for content delivery, the

teacher must accept and confirm the session. At the moment a session is requested, the student's

account is charged and the funds transferred to the "Student Wallet".   When the lesson has

been confirmed as being completed, funds are transferred to the "Teacher's Wallet". ​​​

Individuals wanting to host their

virtual classroom on the iPortal

or VIA videoconferencing platforms

pay a monthly subscription fee of

US$45 / 40€ billed in six month 


Organizations, schools and

businesses needing virtual class-

rooms, please contact us for

customized programming and




Crisalus is a language matchmaker, where members can locate and engage each other for the purpose of learning a language. Crisalus was created 

based on a membership model where both Teachers and Students can locate and collaborate with each other and take advantage of services offered.

We solve the problem of finding a teacher or tutor, scheduling, booking and logistics, as well as payment processing from one centralized location.

Support the scheduling, payments and logistics 

so people can learn 

anywhere, anytime - either onsite or online

The secret to our success has a lot to do with the personal experience of the Crisalus team - we are an international team that brings different languages,

cultures and experiences together in one place. We are all multi-lingual because we have travelled the world. This reflects the immersion method of

acquiring a language. Most people cannot afford the luxury of immersion because of constraints on time, travel or their pocketbook. Crisalus to the rescue!

When you study with native speakers, you learn a new language the same way you learned your native language—naturally. We support the highly effective,

conversational style of instruction that immerses people in a new language and makes learning easy, and convenient, too. Crisalus interactions can take

place at any time, any place, and with any number of people.  ​​

* at our European

headquarters in

Barcelona, Spain

* at our field office

in Rosarito Beach,


* in a list of cities,

growing day by day

Only native-fluent speakers can become a Crisalus instructor. Applications are vetted by a team member who is also a native speaker in that language.

We provide the venues for the interaction between  teacher and student to take place. 

Our main focus during

Group Language Training

is to help participants improve a full range

of communication skills in order to function

more effectively in providing services, within

international working environments, and

in sales and global commerce.  Offered only in

English and Spanish at this time, onsite.

Training coordinated through our Barcelona

headquarters for sessions in Europe and

through our Florida field office for sessions 

in the United States and Canada.

We also offer services in Technical Writing and

Visual Presentations in multiple languages.

Contact us for more details.

Register your profile as a language

teacher or tutor to meet with students

at pre-determined sites, including

Crisalus' office in central Barcelona

and our field office in Rosarito Beach.

​Teachers set their fees and Crisalus

receives a 15% commission on hours

of language indstruction purchased

through our platform. The more

tutoring done through Crisalus,

the less commission teachers pay.





​​We are currently accepting applications to teach by native-speaking teachers for European

languages, as we are headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, one of the most cosmopolitan

European cities. Eventually, it is our intention to grow where we can coordinate learning

of any language - but we are not there yet!  In reality, our strength is bringing language

learning through virtual settings, so people can learn anywhere, anytime. Lessons take

place on a schedule convenient to both teacher and student, which allows learning to

take place 24/7 covering all time zones globally. 

We can also arrange language classes for groups, in business, government, healthcare 

and nonoprofit settings, as well as cultural sensitivity training.  Contact us for pricing and

availability of trainers.  ​

Match native speakers

with people interested in learning a foreign language

from conversation.

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Teachers utilizing Crisalus to teach

online via Skype are paid an hourly

rate, depending on the language.

Register your profile as a language

teacher or tutor and select your

availability for scheduling online

interactions receiving payment

as soon as confirmation is

received that a scheduled lesson

has been successfully given to

the student. Crisalus receives a

15% commission on hours of

instruction via Skype.

The most effective way to gain fluency in a language 

barring living in a foreign country!




* through a virtual

classroom on the

iPortal platform

* by Skype or

VIA video-





Making and Nurturing

global Connections through technology