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3D Environments 

Unleash the power of 

digital learning with next generation

Web 2.0 technology supporting innovation. 



iPortal supports a new

feature - virtual worlds where

students create avitars to

interact with other avitars,

places or objects as they

explore the 3D world, or grid.

Learners from around the

world can participate in

these environments. 

Social Networks





Virtual Classrooms can be purchased for individual teachers or for entire

schools, organizations or businesses.  Both plans are the subscription model.

With the individual teacher plan, there is no limit to the number of live classes

and sessions that can be hosted on an iPortal e-learning platform account.

This plan is primarily geared toward instructors with their coursework already

designed and ready to host. If a fee is charged for taking the course, students

make their payment through the Crisalus SSL shopping cart and passed along

to the teacher with no commission charged.

Subscriptions are US$45 / 40 Euros a month.

Multiple virtual classrooms can be made to large groups, schools, organizations

and business.  Give a separate classroom to each teacher or have a group of 

teachers share one or more virtual classrooms. Please contact us for a quote.

Virtual Classrooms and Other Distance Learning Tools


The iPortal can be

accessed from several

entry points on multiple

devices, from traditional

desktops and laptops to

mobile devices, as long

as there is access to the


Virtual Classrooms replicate the discourse and discussion of a typical classroom with a complete set of features for highly

interactive and effective group learning.The iPortal brings together voice, video, data, and graphics in a structured online

learning environment that scales to hundreds of supported users - a  turnkey solution to e-learning problems. iPortal was

especially designed for individual teachers and trainers to arrange group or private classes over the Internet in a state-of-

the-art virtual classroom environment. Web 2.0 technology supports innovative tools for teacher-driven, student-centric

solutions to people throughout the world:

Features of the iPortal E-learning Platform include:

         *  Virtual Classrooms, with up to ten whiteboard pages, file transfer and capabilities to embed multi-media

             presentations.  Whiteboard features include type text, and launch images and slides. 

             Share documents - PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, XLS, TXT and other common document types.

             Use markup and annotation over slides and pages. Launch files and broadcast images synchronously

             and in real time.

          *  Videoconferencing functions for synchronous interactions with Session Recording and Playback features for

             asynchronous learning. Teachers can record live sessions and meetings to reiterate a lesson, for quality control 

             and archiving and for evaluation functions of student learning.

          *  Lessons, syllabus and gradebooks can be downloaded from the platform, with a dropbox feature for files.

             Additional features include assessments, statistics, and surveys. The teacher is able to create and manage

             student assignments and homework as well as manage resource libraries.  Quizzes and tests can be timed.

The iPortal is a turbo-charged e-learning platform with many additional features missing from run-of-the-mill e-learning

platforms. Consider these tools to create the most effective learning venue:

E-Learning Platform

From Internet Radio to webinars

and podcasts, iPortal serves as a

converged medium that allows

expanded engagement with an


Please send us a note in the form below,

and we will be in contact with you soon.

Teachers focusing on the

same subject areas can

join together in a

Community of Practice

for ongoing interactions  


Community of Practice 

Chat Room and Forums

restricted to registered

users for an additional

safety feature to use with

students who are children

The Wiki Feature allows

groups to contribute content

to a document or project in

order to share knowledge, 

engage in the creative

process and produce one 

product from the contributions

of many. 

Making and Nurturing

global Connections through technology