Entrepreneurship and Mindset Training 


Unleash the power of digital learning with next-generation Web 2.0 technology supporting innovative

tools that empower teachers to engage their students in active learning. EYE - the E-Incubator for

Young Entrepreneurs - was devised as a training model that provides the building blocks for the

acquisition of Knowledge Economy skills for success in entrepreneurship, the workforce and in

education. The model begins with an exploration of The Future of Work and Industry 4.0, moving

on to acquiring the mindset of an entrepreneur that enables students to identify and act upon

opportunities to produce products and services that address a need. This component of the EYE

model promotes the acquisition of ENTRECOMP skills and competences through distance learning 

coupled with activities and services within a localized entrepreneurial ecosystem. The project has

overlapping goals aligned with clarion calls for education reform and activity to promote socio-economic

development and social cohesion around the world. 

At One

Of Our

Virtual Tables

Connecting People to Learn from Each Other 

We are about to launch an

entrepreneurship project for

women building a network

of content specialists, with

online training courses that

cover various areas of the

business aspects of a start-up -

such as business plans,

marketing, financing/investor

pitches/crowdsourcing, legal

matters, management,

technology, etc., and are

looking for paid instructors.

Please contact us at

info@crisalus.com for the details


Communities of Practice are

virtual spaces where teachers

can meet to share resources,

experiences, discussions and

best practice.that enable them

to learn from each other.

Members build relationships

to engage in joint activities

and collaborations.

ALTE - An Complete Ecosystem for Collaborative
Project-Based Learning and Teaching


Reimagine education for 21st Century learning where students can fully develop the "4Cs" of

future education - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity through deep learning

pedagogy, education technology and a Community of Practice. Developed from over 20 years of

research and mirroring the scientific learning communities of academia and business, the Knowledge

Building transforms individual ideas into collective knowledge. In K-12 education, the Knowledge Forum,

an electronic workspace, supports project-based learning around topics to promote 21st Century skills

and subject mastery in STEM, the humanities and social studies. 

With the Knowledge Forum, any number of individuals and groups can share information, launch

collaborative investigations, and build networks of new ideas…together.  Available through the Internet

or on a hosted server. Features include:

   *  electronic workspace with multiple entry points, available in several languages

   *  Java embedded evaluation tools for formative and summative assessment of

       student learning

   *  membership in an international network of educators - teachers, principals and

      technology faculty and staff - to partner classrooms 



At Crisalus, our goal is simple:  

People-to-people interactions

promote opportunities for

group participants to express unique perspectives and

points of view. Fostering

an exchange of ideas and

insights often lead to working

together toward collaboration

in fruitful endeavors. 

For Virtual Interactions

Making and Nurturing

global Connections through technology

The Knowledge Building

International Project connects classrooms across the globe

through technology and the

use of inquiry-based learning strategies and methodologies.

The Knowledge Forum 

electronic workspace

supports computer-supported

​collaborative learning.

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Learning and Teaching through Erasmus Plus

Crisalus coordinates the E-Learning needs of training organizations such as Global Skills Network

through our portal, Knowledge Building in Action.  Online and in-country training courses and

shadowing support vocational and education training (VET) and professional development. By

hosting pre-mobility training modules complement their customized hybrid programming supporting

in-country training and professional visits.  


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A Seat

​COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE - a virtual space where instructors,

teachers, administrators and tech support staff can be trained, use the

ALTE model’s tools, methodologies and resources, make references to

literature, case studies and best practices, and interact with each other

on an ongoing basis.

Crisalus Partnerships