Making and Nurturing

global Connections through technology

Partner with Crisalus

We are about to launch an

entrepreneurship project for

women building a network

of content specialists, with

online training courses that

cover various areas of the

business aspects of a start-up -

such as business plans,

marketing, financing/investor

pitches/crowdsourcing, legal

matters, management,

technology, etc., and are looking

for paid instructors.

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Technology, pedagogical

methodologies, teacher

training and assessment
transform classrooms into

future education learning

environments where teachers

are partnered world-wide for

professional development 

​and mentoring.



At Crisalus, our goal is simple:  


Connect people to improve learning outcomes


Discover our suite of solutions to build connections, both face-to-face as well as through digital learning environments, for educators and

students of all ages:  



      E-Learning Platform  

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Hybrid Learning and Teaching through Erasmus Plus

Crisalus coordinates the E-Learning needs of training organizations such as Global Skills Network.  

Hosting pre-mobility training modules complement their customized hybrid programming supporting

in-country training and professional visits.  

Learning without limits

An E-Learning platform 

that integrates the most

contemporary tools for

online learning,such as 

virtual classrooms, social

networks, forums and

chatrooms, Internet radio,

mobile applications, 3D

Environments, and video-


Knowledge Building - An Ecosystem For  Collaborative Project-Based Learning 


Reimagine education for 21st Century learning where students can fully develop the "4Cs" of future education - 

critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity through deep learning pedagogy, education technology

and a Community of Practice. Developed from over 20 years of research and mirroring the scientific learning 

communities of academia and business, the Knowledge Building transforms individual ideas into collective knowledge.

In K-12 education, the Knowledge Forum, an electronic workspace, supports project-based learning around topics to

promote 21st Century skills and subject mastery in STEM, the humanities and social studies. 

With the Knowledge Forum, any number of individuals and groups can share information, launch collaborative

investigations, and build networks of new ideas…together.  Available through the Internet or on a hosted server. 

Features include:

   *  electronic workspace with multiple entry points, available in several languages

   *  Java embedded evaluation tools for formative and summative assessment of

       student learning

   *  membership in an international network of educators - teachers, principals and

      technology faculty and staff - to partner classrooms 

Crisalus Language Learning and Teaching 


We are a matchmaker of languages!  The formula for our success:

                      Vet applications from prospective teachers

                        capable of teaching their native language


                               Provide a venue for the interaction between

                             teacher and student to take place



Learning and Teaching Languages


Naturally-occurring conversation that enhances the language learning process

Lessons take place both onsite and online, on a schedule convenient to both teacher and student,

which allows  learning to take place 24/7 covering all time-zones globally.

Barring immersion by living

in a foreign country, the

most effective way to learn

a language is by practicing

conversation with a native

speaker. Sign up to learn a

language or ​teach a language

online, onsite or through a

virtual classroom.

K-12 Project-Based

Collaborative Learning 

At One

Of Our

Virtual Tables

A Seat

3D Learning Environments for improved driver training


We are creating a different kind of learning, where students can not only view simulated situations they would find

themselves in as drivers but also analyze and evaluate those situations to learn skills and techniques not found in

typical online courses. With this, we are disrupting the driver training industry!

 iPortal - the E-Learning Platform 


Unleash the power of digital learning with next-generation Web 2.0 technology supporting innovative tools that 

empower teachers to engage their students in active learning. The iPortal provides teacher-driven, student-centric

solutions to people throughout the world by hosting:

   *  virtual classrooms - whiteboard, file transfer and capabilities to embed multi-media and visual presentations

   *  videoconferencing - with recording capabilities for both synchronous interactions and asynchronous learning

   *  a feature to create wikis for collaborative learning

   *  social networks and Communities of Practice

   *  3D gaming environments

   *  Internet radio, webinars and podcasts

   *  mobile applications

Our newest project for the iPortal:  EYE, The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs.